Lily and I have been running around like crazy chicks this morning in our efforts to be productive!!!! WHEW!

After I got Molly dressed and out the door, I quickly completed my homework for ECU and practiced my guitar while waiting for Lily to wake up. We had a quick breakfast and then headed out to get the tires rotated on the Honda, quick stop to Target ($1.00 section is on clearance teacher/mommy/thrifty friends!!!) for a few items, and then to Lowes (or "Yos" as Lily calls it) to pick up some mums for the front porch and paint for the girls' bathroom.

On Saturday Chris and I ripped out all of the dated wallpaper in the girls' bathroom. We got it all down, but it was quite the beast as the lazy contractor didn't paint the walls pre-installation. We had a lot of scarring as a result and Chris has puttied the walls. We'll have to putty, sand, cut out the bubbles, prime the walls with Kilz, and then putty and sand again to get it all smooth.

After that we will paint the walls, paint the fixtures a charcoal color (easy fix folks with a can of textured spray paint!), and then tile the floors. Luckily, we're not in a rush and are going to take it all one step at a time.

Now, I need to make a disclaimer about the paint color for the walls.

I like to think that my taste is very Pottery Barn--nothing wrong with some neutrals like brown, black, and white. Throw in a few accent colors and voila! my favorite color palette.

I also like to think that the guest bath should be rather tasteful and nice for our guests (who are primarily my parents, Rachel & Tytarr, and sometimes family from Delaware--all of which do not qualify as "guests").

I also think that 99% of the time the girls are the ones that use that room.

So, do we appease the guests or the girls?

We voted for the girls.

SO, my girls are going to have their pink bathroom. A very pink pink.

They are only young once, right?

And it IS just paint.

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