Growny Little Girls

After my last post, and hearing some of your responses, I felt pretty proud of my disciplinary style.

I felt like, "You know, I may have this mothering thing down pretty well."

Or, "I wonder what would happen if people would spank their kids like me and my friends do."

Ahhh, pride.

And then. . ..I went home to my parents house and had the WORST weekend ever behavior-wise.

Oh. my. goodness.

Molly sassed my father repeatedly (to the point that it hurt his feelings), she had breakdown after breakdown, Lily screamed all night long because she didn't want to be where she was to be sleeping, and just a general bad weekend behavior-wise.


So, just because we all think we have a good disciplinary style, doesn't mean it's 100% effective at all times folks.

No, no, no.

And, if you're curious:  Molly received spankings, time outs, a loooooooooong talking to about how one should treat people in general and how not to sass others lest they want their mother to "jerk a knot in you" and "if you EVER do this again . ..well. . . .there just better NOT BE A NEXT TIME" and when you are done thinking about what you have done "you are going to march your little behind into that living room and tell Papa John just how very sorry you are for being mean and hurting his feelings and how you love him very, very much", and we will be cutting out several things that we can see affecting her behavior (including some "childrens" programming in which the adults are the idiots until their children can shine a light on the situation--ummmm NO!)

Lily received some swats and lots of redirection this weekend.

Wow.  What a Saturday.

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