Five Favs for Five Folks

I heard this idea on a morning show I listen to while driving to Elizabeth City and thought I would give it a whirl.  The idea is to tag five of your blogging friends with a song and why it reminds you of them.  Hopefully they will tag you back and then add four more of their blogging folks and songs.

Jill:  "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" by the Spin Doctors (the radio edit--not the original one with the b-word).  I especially love the line about "she holds a shot gun while you dosey-do."  It makes me giggle thinking about Cliff and Megan. . .hahaha.  Personally, I always thought that song was about me, but I'll be happy to share it with you, my love! :)

I also think about you every single time I hear a Celine Dion song and CRACK UP after your dramatic stage entrance that day at church. . . but that's a whole other story.

Rachel:  "Someday We'll Know" by New Radicals and "Atmosphere" by TobyMac.  I know you want to know a lot why life seems to crap on your family more than others, what you're supposed to being doing for the rest of your life, etc.  For whatever reason, it just makes me think of you.  And they are pretty chill songs. . . like you.  

Christacular:  I think of you anytime I hear David Crowder--remember when we decided to be friends again?  And, of course, "Stay" by Lisa Loeb.  Who doesn't think of you when they hear that song???

Charlene:  Oh me girl, where did the years go?  I'm so glad you're somewhat back in my world again--I will always associate "Wide Open Spaces" with our college years.  Remember how we used to ride around in our brown and green cars (very sexy). . .how cool we were with our first apartment with the lizard shower caddy and monkey lamp and our very masculine cat Silas (and how Glen was a deadbeat daddy). . .and dumpster diving for some reeds. . .and the time I shouted a very bad, bad word in the parking lot when the litter box exploded in the middle of the street.  Wow.

Jason:  A 30 year old friendship will stir up quite the memories, but I will always come back to the Pearl Jam "10" CD you put on tape for me (because we were slow in the technology department at Casa Huddleston).  So, all of the original hits like "Alive" bring me back to the good old days of sharing secrets and solving the world's problems one phone call and passed note at a time.

Try it folks!  It's pretty fun!

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