Busy Day

Typical Thursday--sort of. . . .

Lily and I are meeting Jordan at church this morning (maybe Daddy will play with her) to talk about the Christmas program. I need to pick up a foot stool for my guitar lessons, and I really may go pick up the book Crazy Love that Jill keeps talking about. Later this afternoon we are going to take a meal to some friends.

I also have a lot of homework to do, as well as grading some tests for my students. Not sure if I'll get through all of them by this afternoon. . .we'll see.

Also, some momentary words from my head and elementary school:

Let us encourage one another.
Let us love one another.
Let us be peacemakers and choose NOT to stir up trouble.
Let us treat others that way we wish to be treated.
Let us be kind and compassionate.

This world is hard enough without having to worry how our fellow believers (which I'm assuming most of my readers--all 5 of you haha--are) feel about us.

Let us build each other up in agape love--and it's something we all must work on.

Pirate Football this weekend folks! ARRRGH!!!!!

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