After a particularly frustrating day at work, coupled with the long schedule I have on Mondays, I awoke last night and this morning in a slight funk.

Yes, Mrs. I Love My Job! is entitled to days of funk every now and then.

We all are.

However, I have spent the night and morning in prayer asking God to just handle it please. I cannot allow myself to wallow in these frustrations because I know it is simply the devil trying to rain on my parade.

So, I'm writing things that are POSITIVE about my job as a reminder to turn my frown upside down:

1. I get the immense opportunity to work with the future leaders in our churches.
2. I got the job that I absolutely, 100% prayed for.
3. I have the wonderful opportunity to be home two additional days during the work week which allows for family time and whatever tasks need to be handled.
4. I really enjoy my students and their personalities.
5. I love being paid to talk about worship music.
6. I love being paid to talk about Jesus.
7. I love working on the collegiate level.
8. I love not dealing with NC Public Schools.
9. I love the ability to work on my masters.
10. I love being able to dance with Lily in the kitchen on a Tuesday morning at 9:15am.
11. I love that I love taking care of ordinary things like cooking and cleaning which I used to HATE doing because it added one more thing to my packed out schedule.
12. I love the feeling of not being incredibly overworked because as a general rule I have time for everything.
13. I love working with talented musicians.
14. I love the craft of worship music.

So, that's a semi list. I could probably spend more time thinking of things, but that's just what came to my head initially.

However, some of you who are super kind and probably curious about my discouragement because you are so awesome and will pray for me, please just continue to pray for my adjustment to college students, their temperaments, and how I can best teach them. It's completely different. Good, but different.

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