Well. . .

This afternoon/evening Chris and I went over to his parents' house to spend time with his dad.  

We ate and just sort of hung around.  It's always strange because in some ways you feel like you should be talking about the deceased.  In other ways it's easier to talk about everything BUT the deceased.  Chris' dad is handling things well.  I can't imagine losing my parents.  I don't even want to think about it.  

Work is good--I've learned that students are students, no matter what the age.   I'll miss work on Monday to attend the funeral.  That will put me a little behind, but it's ok.  You do what you have to do in these situations. I'm sure my students aren't too upset, either. :)

Molly is feeling better about school.  She actually admitted to being "excited" today.  Wow!

Lily's glasses are cute.  She's so cute and nerdy looking!  It's going to take some getting used to--and it makes me sad that my baby needs glasses.  BUT, on the flip side, she can wear glasses and can see so many things--raindrops on the car windshield, bugs in the air, signs, things far away.  It makes me happy watching her explore the world. 

Tomorrow is church and visitation.  Chris has also scheduled a pre-K kickoff.  I think the girls and I will be missing that.  I can't let them jump around and play on the playground and then jump in the car to greet people at the visitation.  It's really for Lily's age group--she won't know the difference.  Chris is going to try to get some volunteers to clean up so he can leave to be with his family.  He'll pick us up on his way through town.  

ECU is starting up again.  I've gotten my coursework already from a professor.  I'm hoping and praying this semester will be a breeze compared to what I've been through already.  I'm feeling a little overload trying to prepare lessons for my classes.  

Well, I should probably head to bed.  Have a good Sunday everyone!

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