Two books: the pre-vacation post. . .

This past week while Chris and I were in Tennessee we meandered around Pigeon Forge and some of the outlets.  While we were there we found a Christian book store outlet and I purchased two books on a whim. 

One was Tuesdays with Morrie.  Everyone I know (except for me) has apparently read this book.  Even Chris (who is not an avid reader) said, “Oh yeah, I read that in one night at a friend’s house.”  Really?!  And I have just NOT read this book?  I am not sure why I never jumped on the Tuesdays bandwagon, but I just didn’t.  Recently, I realized that this  Morrie character was diagnosed with ALS.   That knowledge made it a little more important to add this book to my “books I’d like to read relatively soon” list. 

Very good read.  You should read it. 

However, I didn’t feel as “inspired” as I’d hoped.  More reflective of how I can be a better to friend, not just to Jill, but to others I come in contact with.  And how to let others be a good friend to me.   Sometimes that’s very hard for me because I’m ultra-independent. 

 So, I’ll work on it. J

 Second book was Cure for the Common Life by Max Lucado.  This was one very interesting in regards to finding your “fit” in this world.  I’m going to loan it out to a very good friend of mine who is looking for direction.  I think she (and others) would find it very insightful.  Especially those who are completely unsure what in the heck they are supposed to do for the rest of their lives.  This offers at least a start in the right direction.

Chris and I had an excellent vacation.  He and I are riding back now and I’m composing my blog entries from the road.  I hope to load some photos from our vacation in the next blog after I get home. . .

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