Mommy Prayer Request

So, sweet Molly is going to school in less than two weeks.  On Tuesday, I called her school and asked if they stagger kindergarten the first few days (they do).  I then asked that because my work requires me to be out of town on MWF if her first day of school could be on Tuesday so I could walk her in and celebrate this milestone with my child.  The office lady said, "Sure."  

So, apparently yesterday, "Sure" is no longer sure. I'm guessing from the message that Rachel (who is keeping my girls 2 days a week now) they are not going to let us request what day our child starts school.  So, there is a possibility that I will not get to take Molly to school on her first day.  

I'm really, really, really upset by this.  

I understand that if EVERY parent requested a certain day, then there would be no way to accommodate every parent.  

I also know from teaching in the system that every parent does NOT request a certain day.  

I also know from teaching in the system that it is not that hard to put a child on Day A verses Day B.  

It upsets me so much to know there is a possibility I won't be there for her on her very first day of school.  I am so teary thinking about it.  And I can't tell Molly that I'm worried, or SHE will get worried (and we all know how anti-school she is these days). 

So, if you will please pray specifically with me that Molly will start school on Tuesday, or that Amanda will be able to work things out so she can walk her in to the building.  

Just that one sentence.  

Thank you very much.  

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