Hello Tuesday

It's Tuesday during the work year and that means. . . I'M AT HOME WITH MY BABIES!!!!  What an incredible blessing to be home two extra days a week.  Now, just because I'm home doesn't mean I'm not at work, I just happen to be working in my "home office."  I have some phone calls/emails/Facebook messages to make, but I can do it from the comfort of my own home.  Love it!  I made sweet rolls this morning (well, partially in celebration of "mommy's new job is a lot better than her old one" and partially because we are somehow out of breakfast food. . .but the kids will never know this.  They just think it's a party!)

Yesterday I went to work and Rachel came to keep my kids for the first time.  She will be watching our girls most Mondays and Fridays this year (unless her school schedule changes, and then we have the flexibility to change ours as well).  It was so wonderful to come home yesterday and have two smiling, happy faces, a happy husband who didn't drive an hour after work to pick up the kids, and a happy mommy who didn't have to return to work the next day.  We also had 2 additional faces--Maria (who was wearing my husband's pants?!?! Don't get any ideas, it was completely innocent.  Buster was overly excited about seeing her and peed on her leg) and Rachel (who had not been killed by my children).  We ate a yummy dinner (thank you Jesus for Mr. Crock Pot Inventor) and got to hang out before they went home.  

My sister in law took great care of my kids, but with Molly going to school this year, it was not feasible driving-wise.  My kids have always had the very best care. 

Well friends, it's a busy day.  I still haven't blogged about our trip, but it's coming. . .soon.  

Have a great day! :)

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