And thus it begins. . .

Molly's First Day of School
August 25, 2009

 It is so hard to believe that my baby has gone to kindergarten!  We all got up this morning to take her into the building and to her classroom.  Molly was so very excited!  Chris handled it pretty well.  I did ok--in fact, I teared up only because another mommy in the room was tearing up.  But, it was very short-lived, and we said goodbye and that was that.  

Lily and I are enjoying the quiet of the house.  I've had some coffee, worked on some school work, talked to my mom, and worked on some laundry.  It's not too bad being a part-time stay at home mommy.  

I was NOT envious of the teachers who were at school this morning.  It was very surreal just. . . leaving.  :)

I can't wait to pick her up this afternoon and see what she has to say about her first day at school!  We're going to eat tonight at Taco Bell--Molly's choice.  I figured she would say Olive Garden or Chick-fil-a, but nope, she wanted "Taco Bells." 

Happy Tuesday!

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