and miles to go before I sleep. . .

I think Mr. Frost's phrase may become my new mantra this year--not in a negative way, just accepting the fact that this year is going to be very busy and hopefully productive.  I am anticipating challenges and fatigue, and I'm also anticipating the joy and peace I fervently prayed for almost a year ago.  So, like anything, there will be mountains and valleys.  However, I'm not doom and gloom like I was last year this time.  As all of my teacher friends are vomiting at the idea of going back to work, I'm very at peace and ok with working, because it really just doesn't feel like work to me.  

So, maybe (just maybe) I may turn into one of those people who loves going to work.  

Imagine that?! 

Today is the funeral.  Last night at the visitation was pretty rough on the family for various reasons I won't go into here.  I will say, life is very precious.  Family is very precious.  Relationships are very precious.  

Molly starts school tomorrow and she is finally excited about it.  She can't wait to go tomorrow and I'm so very glad.  We've got her book bag all packed, school supplies purchased (as well as some extras for the class), spare set of clothes in the bag and labeled, and once I pick up groceries today (using the HT Express Lane!  With the funeral today I knew I didn't have time to browse) I can pack her lunch tonight.  She is so, so, so excited and I'm excited for her.  I am sure tomorrow I will cry a little (and I have a sneaking suspicion that Chris will be worse that I am. . .I'll just throw that out there . . .)but I'm also so excited for her!

Happy Monday!

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