Worry? Not me! ;)

A few things swimming around in my head.  I wouldn't necessarily call them worries but I would call them some serious concerns.  I really can't expand on them right now, but I am also trying to keep my head clear, but somehow they keep creeping creeping creeping right back in.  

God has proven His faithfulness to me and my family in the past year--you would think I would be completely cool like a cucumber.  Alas, I find myself a little anxious about a few things going on in our home and in others, and I'm not 100% ok with it.  

I know I have been brought to this time and place for a specific reason (I feel very Esther-y).  I know I just need to keep swimming (very Nemo-y) and things always seem to work out.  

It's just the in-between that's a little scary. 

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