Turn that frown upside down!

Ok, after venting to a few friends last night and the evening before, I have realized a few things:
1.  My problems, really, honestly, aren't that huge of a deal in the grand scheme of things.  For example, I have food, shelter, and a healthy family. I'm also employed, and I can even afford to go back to school.  I never skip meals, and I don't have to worry about the cleanliness of my water--I just go to the tap and voila! 

2.  I can always find someone with bigger problems.  And it makes my problems feel very small. 

3.  I can be thankful that I'm in a position to recognize my blessings--even under stress and life issues. 

In regards to my to-do list from earlier: 

I have painted the room.  It took me 3 coats to cover the lime green--but now my girls have a pinkish/purplish (as it really depends on the light) girly room.  Molly is beyond pleased. 

I outlined my paper.  

Lily probably twisted or turned her ankle badly, but she was taking some steps (finally!) this evening on her own.  She still hobbles and ouches sometimes, but at least she's somewhat mobile again.  She spent most of the day reclined in a chair with her foot propped up in the living room.  No phone calls about the glasses . . .maybe next week?

BONUS:  Christacular has completed the shelf!!!!  No more Hello Kitty holding up my cable box (random--but if you've been to my house recently you will know exactly what I'm referring to!!!!)

I also made a pretty yummy frozen fruit pie that required no effort and yummy results!  

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