Things I Swore I Would Never, Ever Do. . .

But now I'm wondering why in the WORLD I didn't do it sooner!!!

Yesterday (and the day before, and the week before) I worked my behind parts off trying to get my house ready for company AND complete my school work.  It's so exciting to have my cousin and her boyfriend visiting.  My family is so small (only 15 of us), and I only have 2 cousins.  Growing up I really didn't like my cousins because they were so manipulative and terrible--but they've actually grown up to be really awesome and I love getting to spend time with them.  They are staying the whole week and we've planned a lot of fun things to do like kayaking, shopping at South Pointe, and they are going to the beach one day when I have class.  However, that required a major cleaning and overhaul of the house since I'm behind in my weekly routine (and I've been behind since I started working on this degree).  

Anyhow, it's also nearing the end of the semester, meaning finals are here and I have a major project due this week.  I've been trying to work on it off and on for the last week or so to try to give myself time to do it well, but not have to sequester myself so much while they are visiting.  I just had a LOT to do, and very little time.  I guess I also expected my children to freeze and not do what children do (play and make messes) because it seemed like every time I completed one task, three more were waiting for me.  Sigh.  

Well, time ran out and I had not yet bought groceries.  

So, I did what I swore I would never do (unless I had a good reason like a debilitating illness).  

I went to the Harris Teeter Express Lane.  

No, not the one in the store.  

The one online.  

I went on the website with my shopping list, selected and paid for my purchases.  

Paid the $1.95 summer promotional fee (which I actually didn't pay because it was my first purchase). 

I went to class and afterwards drove to Harris Teeter, pushed the button, and voila! my groceries came to my car.  I spent more time driving to the store (which is not that far) then waiting for them to bring them out.  In and out in under 5 minutes. 

Oh my goodness.  What on EARTH have I been missing?!

I believe the fee in the off season is almost $5.00.  I am almost ashamed to say that I'm sure I will do this more in the future, but I can actually think of good reasons to do so (and not laziness). 

1.  My job will require me to be out of town for 3 days a week--a few nights getting home at almost 6pm or later.  I could pre-order, and either a. Chris pick up on his way home from work, or b. I pick up the next morning (I believe you can order about a week in advance) after I take Molly to school and save myself an hour or more on my days off. 

2.  I will not get swayed by the end cap promotional items.  No impulse buying for me!  I'm not one to normally get way off track, but I usually have one item that wasn't on the list. 

3.  I can still use my coupons (the only downside is that they are applied to the next purchase--but you still can participate in the double/triple promotions).  

4.  No crowds, no trying to find the car carts for the kids, no taking the kids out on cold/rainy/hot/thunderstormy days.  The groceries come to your car, and you don't even have to get out (I did, only because I can't allow someone to put them in my car with good conscious--except when I was huge and pregnant and my feet were so huge it hurt to walk, or recently a new again mommy with a 3 year old.)

5.  Is a $5.00 fee worth MY extra time at home with my husband and kids?  Umm, YES!   

So, in short, don't be a snob.  

Try the Express Lane (at least once because it's free) and tell us what you think!

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