Random. . .

So, here's the latest at Casa Avery:

I turned in my major project and presentation for Structure & Style on Saturday.  The deadline was originally on Friday at midnight, but the professor emailed us on Friday morning and told us we really had until about 10 am on Saturday to turn things in.  The rest of the class will present their projects this week--which means my work load is pretty much done--except for the final exam which still hasn't been posted.  That will be due on Saturday (I think--maybe even Sunday?) AND THEN I will be done with the theory and analysis portion of this degree program--glory to GOD in the HIGHEST!!! (do you hear the angels singing??!?!)

Lily is still going through her "I'm difficult because I want to be difficult" stage.  Wow.  We have waged many wars this past week over food, following directions, and putting her fingers in her ears when she doesn't want to see/do/touch/hear something.  Sigh. 

Also, her glasses samples should come in this week--we'll pick out our favorites, and then go from there. 

I start going to work this week--but just 1-2 days a week until school starts in t-minus 3 weeks. I'm looking forward to my new job, but a little. . . interested (?) about what it will actually be like.  

Molly's school supplies have been purchased.  She is not thrilled AT ALL about school.  

Having my family down last week was awesome and so good for my soul.  I love my family. :)

I'm going on a major cleaning frenzy this week. For. Real. 

Chris and I are planning a little getaway next week--details to follow. . . 

Molly and I went to Averi's party today--a real Cinderella Ball.  Wow.  It was soooo cute!

I have some pics to post, but not tonight.  I'm a tired girl. 

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