Family and Fun

Rachel and her cute boyfriend, Josh, are here and it's been super fun hanging out with them.  Yesterday we decided to hit the local mall (not too exciting, but ok) and sort of hang out around the house.  Today everyone went to the beach--minus me, because I have to present my final project this afternoon at 3pm.  It has been a little nice to have some quiet in the house to think and work.  I feel ok about my project, and I will feel even better about it when it's behind me.

Tonight, the other Rachel and her cute boyfriend, Tytarr are coming over to join in the madness I like to call Avery & Lear Extravaganza.  I think we're eating (either steaks or pizza. . .undecided at the moment) and then who knows what.  It really doesn't matter--these are the friends and family that anything goes, and it's quite ok.  It will be a nice change from score analysis to say the least!

Tomorrow we are thinking about taking Rachel and Josh kayaking and then I have no idea after that.  They will return to Delaware on Friday morning and I will have to complete and turn in my next to last paper by midnight.  

Lily is going through a terrible twos stage.  She very much wants things her way (don't we all?!) and throws a fit when she can't get what she wants.  Last night she went crazy because we expected her to eat a bite of her potatoes.  Twiced baked potatoes with cheddar. Nothing serious or yucky!  Hopefully it will pass soon!

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