Bragging Rights

While I can't claim the photography as my personal work, I can claim the babies!

Please check out Lauren's work yesterday!  The girls and I had a lot of fun playing in the sunflowers and field while she worked her magic.  

If you are in need of a photographer and want something more individual or creative to meet your needs, I highly suggest giving Lauren a call.  It's so much better than the stuffy photography studios in which you get 800 directions and everyone looks like they have forced smiles and crazy neck issues.  She's so great with kids and subjects, willing to do whatever it takes for getting good photos (may I add that every single time we've had an appointment with her it has rained and/or thunderstormed--and she didn't cancel!)  It's low pressure, and everyone has a good time.  Even my diva, Molly (who has a future in acting or facial expressions), was inviting herself over to play at Lauren's house at the end of the session.  

Seriously, check her website out--I guarantee you will get some excellent photos.    

Thanks again, Lauren! :)

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