Day 13: Rest
Day 14: Lots and lots of lunges. However, according to the Wii scale I'm down a few pounds, so that's exciting! :)

Today we drove to Elizabeth City to drop my stuff off in my new office at MACU. I also had to sign my W-2 and then we ate lunch with Corey and Nicole to discuss fall programming. We went to eat mexican and it was pretty yummy. The girls went with us and Molly was excited to see where I was going to work. We saw several people, my girls made some new friends, swung by the waterfront, and overall it was a good day.

Chris is still at the church setting up for VBS (more people came last night and tonight thank goodness!) I feel so univolved since I'm keeping the girls at night so he can work. I also won't be around much during the week because my summer class is starting on Monday night. I printed the syllabus and it looks like a lot of reading before my first class. One article had 33 pages! I think there is a total of 5--and he just posted the syllabus this afternoon!

I have to finalize my syllabi for MACU as well before Monday. I have them pretty much prepared, and based a lof of my information and timeline on previous syllabi. I am unsure exactly how the courses will run since I haven't taught them before. Luckily, after this semester I can guage how things are going and it should be easier next go around. I need to wrap my head around each class and make sure things are in the right order. I love the phrase "this syllabus is subject to change" on the bottom of the template--woo hoo! I have no doubt it will change before the end of the semester.

I have some thoughts on some issues, but I'm not going to post them tonight. I want to get through my syllabi and maybe early next week I'll add my two cents to what seems to be a trend with some of my fellow bloggers. . . just to keep all 2 of you that read my blog hanging (haha!)

Have a good weekend!

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