Summer Summer Summertime!

Day 17:  Workout--increased intensity.  Found that trainer was not as peppy, more business like.  No more nice "you're what good looks like" comments for me!  haha

Last night was the VBS kickoff, but Lily and I stayed home so I could complete some work that didn't get finished this week.  It's hard to concentrate when you have small children pulling your legs and arms for constant attention.  I could NOT write my syllabi uninterrupted with the kids around, and since I've never taught the classes before, I really needed concentration.  But then, as usual with all mommies, after being home with the kids all night while Chris was at church after packing and moving heavy boxes all day at school, when the kids finally went to bed at 8 or so, I was BEAT!  My mind would not let me form complete sentences.  I would write something I thought was very smarty professory sounding, only to read it the next day and say, "Huh??!?"  Ugh.  

Our schedule was rearranged several times this past week and weekend to accommodate the need to get things done at church, but from what Chris saw yesterday, it looks like it's going to come together nicely.  Thank you anyone who showed up to help this past week and last night!  It's so good for the children of the church when the adults pitch in and do something great.  

My ECU class starts today and that is why you won't see me at VBS tonight or Wednesday night.  I'm dreading this class.  This class strikes fear in the most talented musicians--and is the sole reason many people choose not to seek a masters in music education.  I keep telling myself that I can do it, and I know the overachiever in me will try my very best.  However, it's a crazy ridiculous amount of score analysis and reading (for example, 75+ to complete since the email I got late last week).  It will meet every Monday and Wednesday evening until the end of July.  So. . .I'll probably see most of you on Tuesday and Thursday.  

Well, have a lovely day. 

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