A sick baby will ruin all of your plans. . .

Day?  I don't know, I intend to go back tonight and look.  I have GOT to get used to keeping my days straight!!!!  Hold me accountable folks!!!!  I need peer pressure!!!!!

After VBS wrapped up (and a HUGE thanks to everyone who helped this week or last week in any way--you have NO IDEA how much that meant to the Averys and to the children you impacted) last night, we all sort of crashed at home.  I brought Molly, Lily, and Selah home and the girls still didn't get into bed until well after 9:30pm.  This morning we all slept in and Lily had a fever when she woke up.  I gave her some Motrin and went into the kitchen to cook some sweet rolls.  Now, before you award me the Mother of the Day Award, please note that the ONLY reason I cooked anything this morning was because we have NOTHING of quick nutritional value in our cabinets--for example:  a small handful of coco puffs cereal that is at the bottom of the box and stale with no milk, no fruit, no poptarts, nothing in the freezer except for vegetables--broccoli for breakfast anyone?  I had just put the rolls in the oven and sat on the couch to quickly check the news and FB statuses when Lily projectile vomited across the living room.  


I hate puke. 

So, I scooped her up and put her in the bathroom, put the dog outside (because we know that dogs LOOOVE vomit, well, at least my dog does), and asked Molly to find me some washcloths to wipe her and the floor and the pillows up.  Ugh.  Chris came out and noted that he thought Lily was having bad dreams last night, but decided that it must have been her stomach.  

So. . . a few hours later and after calling my mom to let her know we probably wouldn't drive to see her and Dad today for Father's Day we decided that Lily was looking better and acting fine and she had kept her cinnamon graham crackers down, therefore, we could probably venture out to at least Lowe's to pick up my vacuum (hurray!!!) and maybe some tomato plants for our back deck.  If that went well, we would also get some groceries.  Well, Lowe's is only about 2 miles from our house and as soon as we got into the parking lot, Lily went for projectile vomit #2.  


Not only that, it got EVERYWHERE--in her car seat, on the actual car seat, in her hair, on her clothes, in her shoes, and in her pull up.  


We stripped her down and thank GOODNESS I had the good sense to put a few grocery bags in the console of the car to bag up her clothes and the yucky wipes and kleenex that we used to wipe her down.  We let her air out in the parking lot while Chris ran inside to grab some sales papers so she could sit on them on the way home.  Poor baby. 

We grabbed some lunch on the way home from Sheetz--since, again, we had no food in the house except for some spaghettios and I REFUSE to give that to a puking baby.  

We got inside and I got the girls settled and Lily went for round 3 as soon as Chris left to do something at church.


So, after I cleaned her up, I decided she just needed to sit on her sick blanket (an old bedspread that we put down whenever our kids are sick--just one of those you keep because you really don't care what happens to it).  I decided to add an old crib pee pad underneath to protect our carpet if she decided to go for another round.  So far she has kept down the Gatorade.  We'll see.  She's resting and not complaining at the moment.  I didn't even have to tell her to lay down, she just assumed the position. 

Poor, poor baby. 

Looks like saltines, Gatorade, and Ginger Ale for her tonight!

Well, I'm about to dismantle the car seat and put it in the washing machine since the load that was in there is finally done.    

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