Normally I don't do stuff like this. . .but it was a sweet moment in the Avery kitchen this afternoon.  I'm really writing this to remind myself about it later. 

I decided to slice up a lemon to stick in my glass of tea (a delicacy that makes me PROUD to be born and raised in the South thank you very much).  While I was rinsing my lemon and preparing to slice it up, a fresh-from-the-nap-sleepy-faced Molly came in to watch me.  She sat in the floor and reminded me to "be careful" as I used my large santoku knife.  

As the aroma of the freshly cut lemon hit my nose, I took a deep sniff and said, "Molly, I think lemons are my favorite things in the whole wide world."  And at that moment, I really believed it to be true.  Lemons are so. .  .fresh.  And yummy.  Lemons have a bad reputation for being sour and terrible, but actually, they are very refreshing and are great at bringing out the best in other flavors.  

But, then the thought immediately hit me, "Molly, do you know what I like even more than lemons?"  

And Molly, not missing a beat, replied, "Me."


Pretty cute.  

And then (because we are not the Cleaver family) Molly asks:  "Mom, do you know what I like more than tv?"

And I (swelled with pride and almost tearing up) ask, "What, sweetheart?"

Molly:  "Computers."

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