If I knew then. . .

what I know now, things would have been a lot easier.  

I would have known that it's quite ok to buy generic formula and diapers and not worry that the nursery/daycare people would frown on my use of non-Pampers.  Ever compared the back of the Target formula label with your favorite brand?

I would have known that it is completely normal to be overly concerned with dying after the birth of your child (who will take care of the baby?  will she know me?  only I can provide the best care for my baby!)

I would have enjoyed the fact that before they crawl/roll/walk they are completely still on the ground long enough for me to pee pee potty (look, even my vocabulary is affected!) without worrying that they have hurt themselves.

I would have known that being a new mommy is a scary, scary thing and no one prepares your for the WEIGHT of RESPONSIBILITY that comes with that new baby.  

I would have taken people up more on their offers to assist with babysitting, cooking, or cleaning.  

I would have let myself cry on the first day I went back to work instead of trying to be strong.

I would have let myself sleep when the baby was sleeping instead of trying so hard to be super mommy and get things in order around the house, wash bottles, and tackle that ever growing pile of laundry. 

I would have known that Tom Cruise was a total moron with his beliefs about women not needing medication to deal with PPD (which, interestingly enough, we never heard much from him after Katie had little Suri, now did we?)

I would have told myself that my body is forever changed, but every line and mark was worth it to bring my girls into this world. 

I honestly feel like the Averys are closed for baby-business (so don't go getting any ideas).  But, I look around at all the new (and new again) mommies that I know, and I am so happy for them during this incredibly special time.  Being a new mommy is so stinking hard and absolutely wonderful all wrapped into one.  I pray for them and their families as they bring these new babies into the world.  

Ladies, you are so cute with your pregnant and newly not-pregnant selves!  Hang in there during this time, and know that you are surrounded by other mommies who have been through the very same things you are going through.  


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