Day 19?

Day 19:  Not so unpleasant, just another 21 minutes (including a few instructions for some new exercises).  I missed 2 days in a row--I think my internal calendar got off when I missed a day last week.  Summer schedules always make me confused in regards to what day it actually is--because everything sort of runs together. 

My ECU presentation went ok last evening.  I found out at the end of class on Monday that I one of the first people to have a presentation on the reading. . .on WEDNESDAY.  I had a TON of content to cover and I did say a couple of things incorrectly/typos, but I wasn't really concerned because the professor didn't seem to mind, just pointed it out.  Normally I would have freaked, but this it was a lot of information to read and present with less than 2 days notice.  I understand his reason for letting us present--it's a lot of information with BIG WORDS that most of us fail to use in the real world, and it is more entertaining to listen to our classmates.  

Today is the last day of VBS and Chris is taking vacation next week.  HURRAY! Our world/house/stress/schedule should return to normal before too long.  The girls have been going to bed so late and on days I have had class they have had early/short naps so they could be there with Chris.  It's starting to show and I'll be glad when things go back to normal.  Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who has worked with week.  You have made my world so much better and you have changed the lives of the children who have been there.  :)

Yesterday the girls and I picked up Jill to go watch "The Tale of Despereaux"--Molly's free movie choice of the week.  If you haven't seen this program at the Greenville Grande and you have small children and free time in the mornings, you may want to check it out.  Very awesome!  The movie wasn't terrible (and you never know with children's movies) and the company was great.  We were sad that Rachel couldn't join us, but there's always next time. :)  

I really, really, really want a new vacuum.  I have found the one I want, but I'm not sure I want to invest $400.  We have a Hoover that works. . .ok.  It's not great--it's missing floor attachments and it doesn't pick up as well as I would like.  Chris' allergies are so bad and I think in lieu of ripping up all of the carpet in our home to put down hardwood floors, a new vacuum might be the easiest first step.  

I've done my research, checked out Consumer Reports, and have narrowed it down to this fine looking machine.   Anyone an owner of a Dyson out there?  What do you think?  Our dog is a non-shedding licky thing, and is hypoallergenic (if you can even say that about dogs, which a lot of websites do).  There is something in the air that gives Chris terrible headaches and makes him feel badly, so I switched detergent, cleaning agents, vacuumed more often, kept the bedding extra clean, dusted, but after a few days it's the same old same old.  I have encouraged Chris to get his back pricked at the allergist to see what he's actually allergic to, but alas, he will not justify that expenditure.  I think he may just be a little scared of all of those needles. . .I would be!

Well, it's a cloudy morning, perfect to just relax a little before getting down to the business of cleaning house, homework, and all the in between.  Have a lovely day!

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