Day 3:  Rest (as mandated by the game, not because I was lazy like my husband who didn't even do day 2. . . .)

Day 4:  Arm workout, not terrible

I have a confession to make. 

I'm almost ashamed to tell everyone--but since my blogging community is small, and the majority of you are friends, you won't make fun of me. . . right?!?!?!

I am seriously addicted to the Twilight series.  

I had no idea I would like them so much--I feel so. . . .teen-ish but they are light and easy reads.  
I read the first book in one day--no joke.  

I could NOT put it down--and I already knew what was going to happen because I have seen the movie--but the book was WAY better (as they usually are in most cases).

So, you can make fun of me, but they actually are pretty good reads.  

I'm on the second one.  We'll see if I love the rest as much--but I'm hooked!

I will say, that I have been meaning to read these books for a long time because my children at school are hooked on them.  And when middle school students sit down to read 500+ page books, I like to know what the fascination is all about.  I didn't hop on the Harry Potter bandwagon, so I've decided to give this one a whirl.  Unfortunately, I could never get them at the library because they are CONSTANTLY checked out (I've been trying since January).  So, on Wednesday, while Tyler and Racquelita watched our children, I broke down and bought the first and second books (in paperback--didn't splurge for hardback this time). 

Oh, and ask Ty how he liked Wii Active when you see him.  

And THEN tell him that he's what good looks like.  

Even my husband agrees that Ty is what good looks like, so don't go all crazy (and Ty, my trainer told me the same thing last night, so you've got competition in the GOOD department haha).  

Ok, I have about 20 minutes until the worst class in the school (2nd graders from you know WHERE) enters my room and I need to prepare my meanest face and clear out some time out corners.  Yes, I meant to plural the corner--it usually takes between 5-6 for this particular class.  
I'll let you decide if I a.  work on syllabi for MACU, b. pack boxes of stuff to move, or c.  steal a few minutes and read my book.  

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