At Bethellllllll, we have the victory. . .

Day 11 & 12:  both days are pretty intense.  I thought I would get off easy because most of it was band training without the stupid running.  No. I'd almost rather run.  I will say this:  sometimes if you do not place the activity band correctly on your thigh it will not register correctly and you will be running your head off and it will keep saying "too slow."  Once you figure out how to place it correctly you will be fine, but it can be a tad frustrating in the beginning.  

Today is my last day at Bethel School.  I'm sort of over it now.  I was sad earlier in the week when I said goodbye to my kids and at the staff end-of-year luncheon (especially when our head custodian, Mr. Taylor, spoke very kind words about me.  Mr. Taylor is an older African American preacher at one of the churches in Bethel.  He and I have had plenty of conversations these past few years about life, scripture, and things in general. He has become a good friend to me--and keeps me real).  But, as I packed up most of my things from the past 4 years into my 15 boxes or so, I realized that I'm ready to move on to the next chapter in my life.  

Chris will be coming later to my school with the trailer from church and we will load up my stuff.  I have some office things here at home that we'll add tonight, and then we're off to EC in the morning.  I have to meet with a few people, and then straight back home to give Chris time for VBS set building.  

This year has been a little stressful in regards to VBS--at least for me.  I'm not sure if it was the change in date (from end of summer to the beginning) or if people are just busy in general, but it's been like pulling teeth this year to get people to help.  This isn't just for VBS either.  There have been lots of Sundays this year when I have put "help needed" signs ON TOP OF THE CHECK IN SHEETS and the parents pick  up the sign, check their kids off, and go straight to the class.  They often refuse to make eye contact when I say "hello" (their guilty consciouses getting to them I guess).  

I don't know what it is.  

Maybe we're all busy these days.  

I'm busy too.  

BUT, if you're willing and able--Chris could really use some help!!!! 


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