Rainy Day!

Yesterday afternoon we met with Lauren to get some photos of my girls in downtown Washington.  I wanted something a little different for my kids--especially since it's been nearly a year since we've had photos taken.  I wanted something. . . interesting. . . and I really think she understood what I was looking for.  The artist in me wanted something that wasn't your typical "matchy matchy smile for the camera turn your head this way and smile!"  Remember--I'm also the mom who stripped her babies down in Sears for the famous naked kiss the baby picture.  I think sometimes you have to be willing to take some chances--and I trust Lauren's eye completely.  Chris and I both agreed beforehand that whatever Lauren wanted, Lauren would get.  Who am I to tell the professional what to do?  All I wanted was something urban with saturation.  

Lauren was a pro--she was soaked by the end of the session from standing barefoot in puddles and the constant drizzle/thunderstorm and we all survived the massive mosquito (gorilla gnat?) infestation heading back to car.  My girls loved "playing with the picture girl Ms. Lauren" and I can't wait to have her take more pictures in the future! 

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