Money Money Money!

This week has been a challenge financially.  On Tuesday we found out about our 0.5% pay deductions (a lovely $100+ taken out of my next two checks).  On Wednesday I came home and received a letter from National Board Certification that I owed them $2300.00 for the assessment fee because I didn't fulfill the teaching requirement of one year of service in NC (an error on their part).  And yesterday my pay check was $500.00 less because of an error in accounting--and I had to deal with snippy CP who is NEVER nice and said, "I don't mean to be rude, but I DID my job." (When, clearly she didn't because I had a $500.00 incorrect deduction from my pay check!!!!)  And had I not wanted to collect my $500 before my next paycheck I would have told her where to take her job and shove it.  


Needless to say, I had a few little things that I had put off purchasing until May that now I am not sure I will see until the fall.  


It's JUST money.  I know.  But it's like everyone has their hands out today looking to take a little more of my pennies that I have earned with hard work.  

Updated to Do List (getting there)

10 page paper (no progress)

Concert (must make program for copy and discuss with custodians how to arrange gym)

Theory exam (probably 1/2 done, due tonight at midnight)

Horn out of shop

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