30 things for 30 years

Today is a big day for me—the big 30.  I am not afraid of getting older, I think it’s just one of those milestones that seems so far away, and then BAM it hits you square in the face.  I’m ok with being older—as my mom always says, “It’s better than the alternative.” 


I’ve tried to compile a list of things—more as a reminder to myself that it’s ok to be older (and maybe somewhere along the way a little wiser too).


1.        My friends no longer fit into a certain age bracket.  I used to keep friends within a 5 year radius of my current age.  Now I have good friends who are older than my parents and younger than my sister.  I learn so much from them and I love it when you get old enough that age really is just a number.

2.        I am actually more comfortable and aware of my body.  No, it isn’t quite as cute as it used to be, and I’ve got wrinkles and stretch marks, but it serves me quite well and I am glad that I can still put one foot in front of the other and walk with a certain amount of grace.

3.        I do no care about name brand.  Honestly, if I can save $20 and buy a reasonably priced shirt from Target that looks fine, then why on EARTH would I buy a shirt with a label?  I don’t get paid to advertise for them!  People who wear their clothes pay THE COMPANY to advertise for the company.  Ridiculous.

4.        I do have a liking for girly colors—pink and purple and polka dots.  I don’t care.  I’m still a girl.

5.        I want to be more healthy when I cook.  I hate it that I don’t always serve the most nutritious meals to my family. 

6.        I do love some salty fries.  Always have, and probably always will.

7.        I no longer waste time with people who do not give a crap about me.  I know who is on my short list—but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want people to like me.  I do, but if they don’t, it’s probably their loss. 

8.        My kids make me laugh. 

9.        I like the uniqueness of being left handed, but I get annoyed about certain kitchen items that are only right-handed friendly like decorative pot holders and can openers.  I mean, I know I can spend $$$ in specialty stores for the special left-oriented tools, but I’m too cheap.

10.    I can write a pretty good paper with little to no effort (my saving grace in graduate school).

11.  I don’t like the fact that my grandparents are getting older very, very quickly.

12.    I adore that my children have been able to know 4 great-grandmothers and 2 great-grandfathers.

13.    I probably change my mind 7489343789 times a day about dumb stuff (i.e. do I want pink walls or blue walls in the girls’ room?)

14.    I love the idea of doing creative things, I just seem to lack the time or the energy.

15.     I still like my handwriting.  It’s a source of personal pride.

16.   I am a pretty fierce and competitive UNO player (at least in the middle school arena).  I have put the smack down on most of my students in the days after a concert.  They would rather play UNO with me than sit around and talk.  I take that as a major complement. 

17.   I’m pretty competitive in general, but I think it’s just because I like being rewarded for my hard work. 

18.    School is just school.  My school kids are my children between the hours of 7 and 4 most days, but at the end of the school year, they go back to their mamas and I can’t change what music they listen to or what they do on the nights and weekends.  I can only hope that when I have a chance to see them that something I say to them may make a difference. 

19.    Nothing in this world matters to me more than my family (including those who aren’t related to me by blood).

20.    I still think about people from the past and wonder why things worked out a certain way or another.  I also know that it was probably for the best when I think about my life today. 

21.    I don’t claim to be brilliant, but I do see to have a lot of common sense to work through situations.

22.    I often know things in my gut before they happen.  Intuition?  Prophesy?  Nudgings from the Holy Spirit? 

23.    I love some classic 70s music.  Actually, I love anything with a mean bass line and wa pedal according to my husband. 

24.   I can’t stand the way young children think they are entitled to things because they have been handed everything their entire lives.  We have become such a gimme generation of people and it rubs me entirely the wrong way.  What happened to manners and people being patient?  Who said it was ok for children to roll their necks and eyes at me when I ask them to do something like “please line up and don’t talk in the halls.”  Wow.  If only I was their mamas for about 10 seconds.  There would be a reckoning. . .

25.    I am no longer afraid to cry in front of people.  I used to think it was a sign of weakness.  Now, I do it all the time.  Every week in church—happy or sad.  At least once a week watching something dumb on tv.  Who am I kidding?? I probably shed a tear every few days over something!

26.    There is nothing better in this life than laughing so hard it hurts!  If you can’t laugh with me, I probably don’t want to be around you because you just won’t get my sense of humor.

27.  I love this whole blogging thing.  I have met so many people through my community and I have learned more and more about people I thought I already knew.  Very cool.

28.    I get bored so easily.

29.    I am extremely OCD and I get this from my dad.  I have to do things a certain way or I get bent out of shape.

30.    I am going to own this 30th year.  Watch out everyone!  

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