30 Day Challenge Starts Tomorrow!!! EEEEKKK!!

Challenge Day # -1

Chris and I are planning to do the June 30 Day Wii Active Challenge.  The plan makes you work out 2 days and rest 1.   It also changes the workouts each time you login so you don't get tired of the same old routines.  The routines change very quickly and by the time you get sick of an activity you change.

Tonight we made our profiles and did one fitness routine each.  I chose the beginner option (deceptively difficult by the way!!) and Chris chose the intermediate.  I went first and once I got a handle on how to perform the moves in the way the Wii will register them it got a little easier.  I'm enjoying watching Chris huff and puff--I don't think he realized how difficult this workout actually is!!  

My goal is to lose weight this summer--I've let my stress level get to my waistline and I'm SICK of it.  So. . .we'll see what happens.  The May Challenge folks seem pleased with their results.  Let's hope the Averys like theirs as well!  

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