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Today is another nice day around the house.  I have a ton of odd jobs I'd like to get done, but if I don't I won't kill myself.  I have really enjoyed this week of spring break--it makes me even more ready for summer vacation.  

Yesterday I spent the day in Elizabeth City observing a teacher at a college.  It was nice to be away for the day, and I got to try out our new XM receiver we purchased right before Circuit City went out of business.  That was really awesome--I heard some songs that made me grin from ear to ear (seriously, when was the last time you heard "Iesha" by A. B. C.?!) I love it!  I love to drive, and when I have good music AND get to open the sunroof--even better!!!!  A nice day to myself!

When I got home yesterday afternoon, we took a trip to Home Depot to get some pots and paint for the girls' butterfly gardens (courtesy of the Easter Bunny!) and tick/insect treatment spray for the yard (I have already found ticks on myself, Chris, and Lily's diaper Easter weekend--but I really think they came from my sister-in-law's yard and the egg hunt UGH!)  Afterwards we went to Fresh Market to see Tyler (Molly & Rachel's boyfriend) and the manager, Russell who Chris used to work for in college at Office Depot.  Russell was very kind and gave each of the girls a scoop of pink M&Ms from the jars.  We completed our adventure with a trip to Target for some much needed diapers and headed home.  Chris has coupons for free Krispy Kreme donuts that we were planning to use as well last night, but it was getting too late for the girls and we decided to come home.  

This morning I put primer and two coats of purple paint on the girls' flower pots.  I also had Chris drill holes in the bottom of their plastic easter buckets for two more pots.  This afternoon I'm going to apply one more coat of purple paint on the girls' pots (if needed) and hopefully will get their butterfly gardens planted this evening or tomorrow morning.  My mom gave the girls an indoor greenhouse with vinca and sunflowers which we potted and placed in our kitchen window.  They should sprout within the next week or two and then I'll transfer them outside.  I have a lot of leftover vinca and sunflower seeds that will go in the Easter "pots."  Hopefully I'll get some pictures to post soon when they start to sprout.  

My friend, Heather, is coming over to visit this afternoon and her little girl, Selah, will be spending the night with Molly tonight.  I'm planning to put the popup tent in Molly's room so they can "camp out."  Lily will have to go to guest room because I cannot afford two grumpy girls tomorrow!  I am planning to make some sort of breakfasty item in the morning, but I'm not sure what.  My mom and dad will be visiting tomorrow since they were unable to come this week, and Molly has been invited to our neighbor, Abby's birthday party at the new jumping place on Firetower.  

Well, I have some laundry to fold and put away, as well as clean up a little from lunch.  I also want to run the vacuum and (if possible) mop the kitchen once Lily wakes up from her nap.  

Happy Weekend!

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