Updated To-Do List for LW :)

10 page paper (sources picked, must sit down and write)

Unit project (must be turned in this evening, down to final revisions)*

Power Point Presentation (also must be turned in this evening, no biggie)*

*Must figure out how professor would like these posted on Blackboard (via Word file or good old copy and paste???)

Theory Final (not posted yet, will have 2 days to complete once posted)

Chorus Festival--CHECK! 

Spring Concert (it's going to happen whether I like it or not, my kids are mostly ready)

Playing gig (horn has been repaired, waiting until Thursday (payday) to pay ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY DOLLARS to get it out of the shop.  Apparently it needed an acid rinse.  Grr.)

It's coming, the good news is that about a week from tomorrow everything except the playing gig will be behind me and I'll be FREE!!!!!!! 

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