Sunday Naps are a Gift from the Lord Himself!

I think that there is nothing more peaceful then Sunday nap time.  Most of the time I indulge myself by not sleeping during nap time and allow myself time to catch up on some blogs and quite possibly homework--because it NEVER ENDS.  I usually have laundry or the dishwasher running and it's so peaceful to just SIT. 

The last two days we've had back-to-back dinner company, which is awesome, but we have seriously ran through every plate in our house and they piled high on my counters waiting their turn to be ran through the dishwasher.  I even had to break out Christmas reindeer plates to serve pie on last evening because we had no dishes left!  However, I am NOT complaining one bit!  I love having people over to my house.  I love feeling like my house is bursting with love, food, and laughter--which was exactly what I have had the past two days.  I also love my friends who can come over and just be NORMAL and no one feels like they have to put on airs.  I want to be able to sit on my tail and not feel like I have to be the hostess with the most-est because I want to enjoy the people who are visiting with me!

Today marks the end of my spring break---I'm just agonizing over going back to work.  I love my family and I love being at home to care for them.  I also know that I have t-minus 2.5 weeks until I'm done with my ECU coursework.  It's going to be a busy, busy, busy few weeks.  Here is me updated to do list:

1 (10) page paper
1 project & presentation
1 final theory exam EEK!
1 spring concert
1 chorus festival
1 playing gig *must retrieve horn out of shop and pay EIGHTY dollars for the frozen roters.  GRR!  

This should keep me busy from now until the end of the ECU semester.  After that is all behind me I will have some end of the year/transition things to take care of.  

I will say this to those of you who are privy to my precariousness. . .I'm praying for a smooth transition.  This has the potential to affect a lot of lives outside of my house in more ways/places than one, and I'm a little sad/nervous/ok/excited/happy/blessed/freaked/calm about the next few weeks as things come to light.  

Again, a very, very good story will come very, very soon.  


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