My Head Hurts. . .

I have a 10 page paper due in t-minus 20 hours and I'm only halfway done.  

Why am I only halfway done?

Because my precious Lily had a stomach virus today.  Instead of getting my paper done at a reasonable hour today, I scrubbed the carpet and bathroom floors, washed MULTIPLE loads of laundry (some items got 2 washes today!), tried to find stomach-friendly foods in the end of the pay period cabinet, rocked, held, and watched Sesame Street 3.5 times today (thank you DVR inventor man!)  Now, it is 11:25pm, I have just had a cup of coffee, and I'm feeling jittery and little crazy.  I can't concentrate on this dry material and I have this overwhelming urge to throw my book into the yard.  

I hate being behind schedule. 

I hate being up late. 

I will be SO GLAD when the 8pm deadline hits Tuesday evening because my paper will be e-submitted and I will finally be able to relax a little.  

OK, bad attitude, let's turn it around.....

Yes, I'm thankful for the ability to stay home today with my sick child.  

Yes, I'm thankful for my ability to go to graduate school.  

Yes, I'm thankful for a husband who will switch his day off so I can work tomorrow too on this lovely paper.  

Yes, I'm thankful for Starbucks Breakfast Blend.  

Yes, I'm thankful that my worries are miniscule compared to those of others and I recognize that I'm being so dramatic for whining to my small blogging community.  

10 page paper--blah blah wah wah.  I know, I'm getting over myself as we speak. . .

On a happy note, I do have some cute photos from the weekend I'll post tomorrow evening when I'm watching Biggest Loser with Chris (our weekly "date").

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