Happy Easter Weekend!

Saturday was a family day at home.  I took care of some home-concerns (laundry, cleaned the girls room, etc) and enjoyed some time at home with Chris and the girls.  Molly was going to ride her bike, but her head has outgrown her helmet!  Lily didn't mind wearing it for her. . .

But when it came time for her to take it off, she was less than thrilled. . .

She calmed down with a hug from her big sister--so sweet!

Easter Sunday was a little crazy.  Chris had to be at work extra early since it's my month to sing.  I didn't grab any pre-church pics of the girls in their dresses, so I knew I had to snap a few quick ones between coming home and changing to go to Chris' sister's house for the Avery Easter lunch and egg hunt.  Wouldn't you know, Lily banged her head on the floor (we still have no idea how this happened) right before I needed to take their pictures, so here it is:

Easter 2009

After a picnic lunch with Chris' family, the kids went in search for the eggs. . . 

Each child had one "special" egg with their name on it.

Found it!

And I'm probably really mean for this one, but I couldn't resist!!!

Let's get a close up of my little plumber!

Sunday was also my sister and Chris' sister's birthday (yes, the same day!)
Molly and I made cupcakes for my sister:

On Monday Lily woke up with a lovely stomach virus and spent most of the day on the couch.  She was not very happy as you can tell.

I was up most of the night working on a final paper and helping Chris take care of Lily.  Today has been better AND I found out our class received a 1-2 day extension on that paper--awesome!  My sister came to pick up Molly this morning and Lily has been feeling better today.  
It's been a better day at the Averys!

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