Rain, rain, go away....

But not really.  I like rainy days I get to stay inside with my pjs on and work around the house.  Our poor house is in desperate need of some TLC.  Between work and ECU and life in general our house has been neglected.  We aren't filthy people, but we tend to clutter.  Our recent bad habits:

1.  Putting the mail/shopping/coats/bags on the dining room table when we come in instead of putting everything away.
2.  Doing the laundry, folding the clothes, but not putting them away.
3.  Running the dishwasher, but not failing to empty it so dirty ones pile up in the sink...and so we empty and fill the dishwasher immediately....ugly ugly cycle!!!

Those are just the general peeves at our house.  We also could really use a good carpet cleaning.  My in-laws have a carpet shampooer--we should ask them to borrow it soon.  Our floors take a beating between the daily traffic, kids, and a dog.  It's so hard to keep up with things and work full time at school and on my masters.  I shouldn't complain, I'm perfectly capable of doing these things for my family, I think I'm just lazy.  I also married a professional clutterer, which doesn't help the cause at all.  I really think if left to his demise, sweet Chris would become one of those people we see on TV, the hoarders?  If you've ever seen his office, you would totally agree.  He just fails to throw things away.... EVER.  He's so afraid he's going to waste money on an item by having to buy it again, even if the one we currently own is broken and doesn't work.  It drives me insane.  

I spent a portion of the morning scrubbing our girls' bathroom--sink, toilet, tub, and floor.  I went through their bath toys and through out the old ones and cleaned the toy bucket.  I took Lily's potty seat and gave it a good scrub to avoid a stinky urine smell, and I Windexed the mirror and faucet to make them pretty again.  Whew.  I've done some laundry, and when the girls get up from their nap I will wash their sheets in the room.  

Their room is a disaster area right now--we're going to have to do something about the massive amount of toys.  I recently inherited 3 very nice pre-K classroom bookshelves/toy shelves (with slots for puzzles and everything!) and I only really need two of them at school.  The extra one will come home with me during spring break and I plan to organize their toys.  It's crazy how quickly toys accumulate in their room, and most of it is JUNK!  

I also need to go through their clothes again and switch the seasonal clothes out.  Molly has hit a growth spirt and she has a lot of pants that are too short.  I would cut them and make capris, but we'll use them again with Lily in a few years.  I found a few items at Target (gotta live $4.00 Circo!!!) and Kohl's clearance in the past 2 weeks, so she's set for a least a few weeks.  I hate to spend too much on her because she will go to school in the fall and will need uniform clothes.  That's going to be a big expense simply because of stipulations (no labels, certain styles and colors, etc).  I'm ok with it, and I've been keeping my eye on certain staples of her wardrobe like khaki bottoms and when I see some that will work on sale I try to scoop them up.  I may try to buy a few nicer polos for her (Land's End) to ensure that they will last through the school year.  I've been hearing that the uniforms are scarce during the year because every child has to have them.  

ACC tournament this weekend--go Heels! 

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