Patience is a Virtue

and I certainly DON'T seem to possess it!  I have never been patient. I always want to go-go-go and I am not good at waiting.  I'm not one of those honk-if-the-light-turns-red-for-3 seconds people, but when it comes to news or something I know is going to happen, I'm just not patient.

I know the Bible offers plenty of verses on patience.  I try to be patient, but the more I try, the more impatient I seem to become!  I remember when we were applying for the job at Christ's Church, our interview process lasted for about 3-4 months.  It was AGONY!  There were some things going on at the church that were out of our control (mainly Richard), and we understood, but WOW it seemed like we went on at least 5 interviews/meetings before we finally got word.  

Certainly this precariousness has made me wait.  I understand everything works out according to His divine timing, but sometimes I'm not the most patient.  Decisions should be made in the next few days (in fact, I had thought some should be made by yesterday), it's just a matter of waiting.   

So. . . I will wait.  

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