Love this weather!

I love this warm weather!  
I love NCAA March Madness!  
I love spending time with my family!

I do NOT love my massive amounts of homework and the full calendar for the next two weeks.  The only nice thing about being busy is that time will fly and then I will be on Easter break for a week.  I really need some time away from my school kids.  They are driving me slightly insane and are starting to get on my nerves.

I have a lot on my mind, but can't post about it yet.  Please know everything is ok with everything, just a lot of details to work out in the next few months.  

Not too much to say right now.  Molly is spending a few days at my mom's.  Lily is loving being the center of attention at our house.  She has her parents, toys, and Buster all to herself.  Silly girl!  

Chris and I are still looking at a mini-vacation in the next two weeks.  We need a cheap, quick get away.  Any suggestions?  

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