Why on EARTH were my children up before the crack of dawn this morning????

Not only were they awake, I swear someone gave them an IV of coffee or crack all night long because they are bouncing off of the walls this morning.  I have never seen anything like it.  I don't know if spring fever has hit them, but they are seriously out of control this morning.  They have their radio CRANKED playing some annoying children's music, Lily has taken off her clothes twice, Molly is singing some made up song with her dress up crowns on her head, they are running through and around the house leaving a trail of toys and pop tart crumbs, and Buster is continuously nipping at their heels to get in on the action, too. 

Chris and I have already hit the coffee this morning (and he's not a usual drinker) and I'm wondering if we're going to need something a little stiffer to make it through the day.  

My plan is to take them outside and let them run until they can't move, give them a bath and a nap, and hope they behave while we are out this evening for Step 5478957402 in my precariousness.  

Oh dear.  

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