Here Comes the Sun. . . .

Yea!  Finally a nice day!  Chris and I are going to kayak tomorrow when I get home from school.  Rachel and Tyler are coming to play with our girls so we can have some quiet time.  I'm looking forward to some time alone.  It's been a long time since I've gone kayaking, I'm hoping that I can keep up with Chris!

No news.  Nothing of importance anyhow.  Possibly tomorrow is what I've been told.  We'll see...I'm not holding my breath anymore.  It is what it is, and I'm ok. 

Went through the girls clothes tonight--it was sad to pack away some of their winter clothes, knowing they wouldn't be wearing them again next year because they will be too big.  But, I have some really cute summer clothes to put in, so that will make things better!

Yesterday I went with my 6-8 strings students to a rehearsal at another middle school in the county.  Now, let me preface this story with a clarification:  In the hierarchy of music nerdom, strings students are at the TOP of the scale.  Don't get me wrong, I completely love my little strings kids.  Unlike the rest of my student population, these children have 2 parents (including a mommy that stays at home, not because of welfare, but because her husband has a nice job), they are the top of their class, and are very polite and well mannered.  Anyhow, we arrive at this middle school right at the end of the school day.  I had driven separately because I was not going to put the string bass on the activity bus that transported the students.  We were walking into the building and in the front lobby we hear these two voices shouting.  The school resource officer (SRO for you non-school folks) was yelling at this kid, "You wanna play?  We'll play then!" and HANDCUFFS the kid right there.  The kid is yelling back at the SRO the whole time he is getting cuffed, and then as the bell rings, all of the kids pals are running into the hall and screaming towards the SRO.  My poor little strings students are FREAKING OUT at this point as, while my other students are bad, they are NOTHING like this, and they're looking at me, pointing, and gasping.  I told them, "Just keep walking!" as I'm lugging this enormous string bass through the pandemonium in the hallway.  We were all relieved when we arrived safely to the rehearsal room.  
My kids were talking about it today and were amazed that I had remained so calm throughout the whole ordeal.  I just explained that I had the bass for protection and if things go crazy I was planning to hide behind it.  I also let them know that I would not be their human shield if there is ever a shooting.    

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