The Avery Children Survived.

But just barely.  This has been one of those days...the weather was beautiful but there have been thunderclouds in our house a few moments today.  Both of our girls are going through the "does mommy/daddy really mean it when they say get in your bed/come here/go put your toys away/don't touch the wet paint/don't let Buster eat the blanket/stop teasing your sister/put your dirty clothes away?"  Oh me.  Chris and I have been the stern parents today...

Nevertheless, we have had a nice day overall.  I went to Target and Kohl's and purchased some new clothes for Molly because she has hit a growth spurt and all of her pants are suddenly too short.  Chris bought some wood sealant for the deck and got a lovely burn on his back.  I managed to get some reading in this afternoon with the breeze blowing through the house while the girls napped.  We had dinner tonight as part of step 9385738957394731941.5 (I added some more numbers and that point 5 just for you, Jill! haha) and went to Michael's to get some supplies for church and I picked up some ribbon for Molly's hair.  Overall, not too bad. 

I've looked at my theory homework that is due on Monday evening and while it looks time consuming, maybe it won't be too horrible.  We'll see.  It's a test grade, so I want to do well. 

Tomorrow is supposed to be an even nicer day--I'm loving this weather!  And, while I don't enjoy losing an hour of sleep, I do love the longer afternoons of daylight savings time.  


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