I. . .Will. . .Not. . .Panic. . .

I have had one of the craziest weeks I've had in a long time, but I have had such an incredible peace.  Every day this week I have been reaffirmed through the words of a friend, situation, or something that I've read that I'm doing the right thing.  Thank you, Lord for peace and clarity--exactly what my prayer has been all week!  

Even last night when I found out I have a paper due next Wednesday (immediately following all the crazy activities on Monday and Tuesday), I did not panic.  I simply asked my professor for an extension--and he agreed!  YES!

I thought my theory homework was going to take longer--but I had some time to work on it and I'm hoping to be done well before the deadline this evening. 

I've had some classes out/cancel this week at regular school--giving me time to work on pressing matters of precariousness.  

I've completed tasks that I knew would take me hours in less than one--and I didn't feel rushed, just an incredible focus. 

I cannot tell you what a change of pace this has been for me this week!  I'm usually FREAKING out about details and wanting to get things just so, but instead I just simply resigned myself to the fact that if God is truly at the center of this situation (and He hasn't led me to believe that He isn't), His divine timing will somehow work everything out--even when I feel like my time is so limited.  

So far, He has kept up His end of the bargain.  

It's like He's saying, "Don't worry--I got this!"  

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