Rainy Sunday

Day 18:  Things are going well.  I can definitely hear/see some areas of my life that need to be adjusted since this commitment to prayer.  I'm glad about so many things and becoming more thankful everyday for things I've taken for granted.  

We're moving slowly this morning.  In a few minutes the girls and I are going to load up and head to church, but I'm feeling a little head-coldish and I'm trying to savor a few moments at home while my girls are running around the living room with poptarts, baby strollers, and Barbies.  Not an organized breakfast of champions by any means, but a nice, happy, relaxed Sunday morning before the madness of the day hits us.  We have regular services, Friend's Meal, and SNK.  I also have several assignments I need to complete, as well as a much needed trip to Target to get diapers, printer cartridge, and a few toiletry items we have run out of all at once--eek!  I'm so thankful tomorrow is a holiday and I can have an extra day to take care of somethings I may not complete today.

I'm in a precarious position right this minute.  I really don't want to get into a lot of specifics, but if you wouldn't mind saying a few prayers on my family's behalf, I'm sure the Lord will intervene and put them in the right spot.  Thank you--

Have a great day everyone and THINK SNOW!

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