Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Day 20:  The Lord continues to remind me of reasons to be thankful for what He has blessed me with.  I'm in awe!

Today started with Molly running in my room screaming, "MOMMY IT'S SNOWING AND STICKING TO THE GROUND!!!"  Poor child has never seen such a thing (at least not since she was a baby) and had no clue what it looked like.  It's so pretty watching the snow fall and swirl around.  She and Chris braved the elements earlier for newspaper collection and a small snowball fight.  It was so cute watching her squeal in delight.  They brought some of the snow inside and we made icies with grape Koolaid.  We were initially going to make snow cream, but we were out of vanilla (gasp!)  Poor Chris!  We're warming the two of them up and then we'll probably take a trip outside as a family in a little while so Lily can get a turn to play.  

My precarious position is still precarious, but I appreciate your continued prayers!

Off to do some homework and enjoy the day with my children!

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