Friday at 4:00pm

I have something very important going on.  I'd like your prayers if you don't mind.  

Day 26:  I'm so pleased with this commitment.  I feel such incredible gratitude for the things I've been given!

My voice is still pretty terrible.  My kids at school were mostly sympathetic.  Of course there are always one or two who feel the need to be jerks and take advantage of the situation, but I suppose it could always be worse.  

My grandparents will be celebrating their 60th anniversary on February 3rd.  I'm excited to go spend the day with them and dad's family.  We're not going to do anything huge--they are not ones that like a fuss.  I've heard that we will be eating at a restaraunt in Jacksonville.  The next day Chris will be leaving for Savannah, and AGAIN I am not joining him.  I really, really, really want to go, but now is not the time.  Maybe next year.  


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