Be silent.

Today has been a good, but challenging day.  Since last Sunday I have been fighting a cold/congestion/sinus headache, and overall blah.  I woke up this morning with absolutely no voice...well, I take that back.  The small amount of voice I have reminds me of a choking victim on a horror movie.  Very gaspy, hardly any volume, just terrible.  

Sweet Molly took this as an indication that I couldn't hear (since she couldn't hear me) and has been yelling at me all day.  She is so considerate!  Lily just whispers back to me.  So cute.  It's been something trying to communicate all day.  

The girls and I went to Victoria's birthday party at the church.  I really felt like staying at home, but I decided to load up the girls and go.  Molly had a lot of fun at the party and while I'm glad we went, I really strained my voice trying to socially communicate.  Rachel and Tyler came over later and took Molly to see "Hotel For Dogs."  Molly was sooo excited, and I was glad to be able to rest my voice while Lily took a nap.  I'm not sure how tomorrow is going to go.  I was planning to go to church and a baby shower, but I'm not sure if that will happen after all.  

I've been working on my theory homework off and on.  We'll see how it goes.  I have my first quiz due Sunday at 11:59pm.  I really don't care for this class for several reasons.  The professor takes his time grading assignments and several assignments lapse before we receive feedback.  If I knew I made mistakes on assignment 1, then I would correct these mistakes on assignment 2.  Instead, when I'm ready to turn in assignment 3, I receive assignment 1 with corrections (and of course I had made the same mistakes on 1 and 2).  The professor also fails to answer emails in a timely fashion.  He is teaching a distance ed. course--he should be on his email several times every day!  Finally, I have been teaching for 8 years and not ONCE have I used theory outside of basic fundamentals.  This class is not going to make me a better teacher--if anything I feel like I'm a worse teacher because I spend all of my planning and evenings working on these stupid assignments.  

My precariousness is still precarious.  I'm not quite ready to share it with my small blogging community, but things have been really interesting at our house.  I will tell you that a.  NO babies, b.  NO marital issues, and c. NO health concerns (other than my lack of voice and plague).  I am very humbled by some things that have been going on at our house, and I am amazed how the Lord works these days.  Chris and I have been in constant prayer (as are a few others who are aware of our situation) and I've been straining my ears to hear every single word that God says back to me.  I have experienced joy, tears, worry, and peace all at once and this has been one of the coolest things I have been through in a long time.  I have decided to lean completely on God for this one, and have determined that if He has decided to put me in this place, then He will work the details out, and I'm not going to worry about it.  If you know me personally, you know I have major control issues and this is probably a first for me.  

I can tell you that if everything turns out the way I think it will, I will have one incredible story to tell everyone.  So, please continue to pray for our family if you don't mind.  


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