To Do List....another update

Foundations Paper Due TODAY!

10 pages (check)
5 sources (check)
Power point (checkedy check)
Presentation Dec. 4th @ 5:00pm (just a matter of time...)

Chris' Birthday!  Whoo 33!!! December 4th (all day long)

Research Paper Due Monday December 8th

25 pages (still only about 7)
25 sources (still only 18)
Statistics (Chris and I put a lot into Excel tonight....need help from Maria)
Power Point (title slides only)
Annotated Bibliography (15 completed, 10 to go)

Concert December 9th @ 7:00pm

December 12th:  Mini VACATION!

Almost done...this time next week I will be sighing a HUGE sigh of relief.  Please pray...I really need them!!!

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