Saturday in the Park.....I think it was the 4th of July

No fireworks here, unfortunately. However, I must give a little update on my quest to the end of the semester:

Foundations Paper: Due December 3rd


Research Paper: Due December 8th

25 pages (I have 16-17ish)
25 sources (I have 27!!!)
Annotated Bib (still only 16 entries completed)
Power Point 30-40 slides (only about 8 slides)
Statistics (Chris and Maria worked on this, then Chris translated and will help me type everything up)

Winter Concert December 9th @ 7:00pm


I feel OK about things. I still have a lot of items to address on my research paper, but I feel like it's at least manageable this morning at 8:06am. I worked on it from about 4:30-10:30ish last evening, only stopping for a dinner break and minor stretch/refill the coffee mug breaks. I'm hoping to get it done today so that I can enjoy Sunday a little more without this big ugly project hanging over my head. We have been invited to a shindig at Kelly's house today, and I'm really hoping that I'm in a place to go. I love holiday festivities and I really think Molly would like to see her daughter as well. We'll see how things work out.

The girls spent the night at my in-laws so I could work on my paper. AWESOME!

Chris and my brother-in-law worked in the living room last evening trying to hide the unsightly amount of cords that connect the jumbo screen we call a TV and all of our assorted boxes (DVD, DVR, stereo, Wii, etc). I had sacrificed my nightstand for a while so we would have a tabletop high enough to stack the players so the cords would reach and to keep little hands off of the buttons. But, it looked very ghetto with 8 thousand cords hanging from the mantel quasi-covered by plastic molding. However, what can you do?

You just wait until you have money to fix it later....sigh.

I'm not very good at waiting, but I have waited since last Christmas time for this to be fixed, so I am extremely proud of myself!

The boys ran the cords through the wall so it looks a lot prettier and less ghetto. Chris is going to hang the shelves later today. I'm going to decide if I want to stain them or paint them the same color as the wall....or get the idea. Decisions, decisions!!

Well, I should run and start working on this paper. It's probably good that our TV is disconnected at the moment so I won't be distracted by the Today show or anything on HGTV or TLC or Food Network.....

Have a great weekend everyone!

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