I'd Like My Brain Back Please!

I am so glad that school is over for this semester--but I made A's in both classes and a 100 on my research paper!!!  However, I have spent the last month in a complete and total fog.  I can't tell you how I managed to go to bed at 11pm (or later!) and then up again at 5:30am for work.   Then work all day to come home, play mommy, and then hit the books.  It was a terrible, endless, horrible cycle and I'm trying to put my life back together again.  My house is a total disaster, my laundry is piled up in unfolded piles, my bathroom is GROSS, and I have little odds and ends that didn't get done and now I'm paying for them. 

It's going to take me a week or more to get my brain wrapped around everything I have neglected for the past month!!

I'm normally pretty well put together.  I still live by my trusty planner (now a sleek iPod touch!) and have my daily to-do list.  I always take great pride in my organization and how I manage to keep it together.  So, for me to have so many loose ends that didn't get tied up makes me a little crazy.  I feel so good to be out of ECU for the semester, but a little EEK about the to-do items. 

I'm planning to take them one day at a time.  I have already crossed one item on my list this evening (KA's mini-cup....BTW I've made contact with JC and asked her to call you)....and I have many, many more to take care of between now and then.  BUT, it's ok.  

My mom always advised me to eat an elephant one bite at a time.  


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