I heard the bells....

Today has been a long day....since it's my month to sing I needed to be at church by 7:45am for sound check.  I also had to practice my bells for Jordan's special song today.  I told him that playing bells equals the tambourine--the instrument of the devil.  I hate the tambourine with a passion--most tambourine players lack the ability to play with a consistent beat or are extremely overzealous in their beating and it's a shimmery nightmare!  I also felt that playing those bells caused me to lose my street cred, but MP and my husband assured me I didn't have any to begin with.  Got to love friends like that!  The song went well and Jordan did a good job (as usual).

This afternoon Lily and I came home for a nap and I waited for my parents to arrive.  We were going to have family Christmas after the children's program tonight at church.  I cooked a roast in the crock pot last night, my sister brought mashed potatoes, and we had green beans too--yummy!  The kids were cute--definitely your typical children's program.  I was glad not to work on it this year--I stuck to my guns on my Sunday evening activities--I didn't sing or work in any programs this year and it was pretty nice.  I love doing programs, but sometimes you can get so burnt out.  It was nice just to be an audience member!  

My horror came this evening as I saw Molly going through the snack line.  My first thought was, "Why is no one with my child?"  Then I saw Molly in line getting dip for her chips.  She carefully dipped out the desired amount.  She tapped the spoon on the plate.  Unfortunately, not all of the dip came off of the spoon.  What's a girl to do?  She then proceeded to LICK THE SERVING SPOON and was preparing to put it back in the dip when I bolted across the room in slow motion NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and saved everyone in line behind her from swapping spit with my child.  I went to the kitchen to replace the spoon.  Whew.  That was a close one!

Christmas with the parents was fun--my girls received way too many things, but it was nice to let my parents spoil them a little.  Lily got a lot of Abby Cadabby (her favorite) and Molly got some neat games and books.  My parents went home tonight and I actually have a pretty lazy morning tomorrow.  

The church staff has been invited over to the Vernelson's tomorrow night for dinner--Jimmie Sue assured me that she was making chicken and pastry!  My favorite!!!!  She is always so sweet to us, and Molly adores Dwight.  I'm looking forward to dinner with good friends!

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