I'm so excited about many, many things:

1.  ECU Semester is OVER!

2.  Concert is OVER!

3.  Christmas time is here!

4.  Chris and I are going to Beaufort on Friday!

I'm so glad that it's that wonderful time of year.  I love Christmas--the music, the shopping, the togetherness....I just LOVE IT!  Some people get really jaded about the holiday and all of the commercialness of the season. I love it all--it's like we all sort of get together and things are ok for a little while.  For just a little while, most people have a smile on their faces, for at least part of the day.  

Tonight at the concert, my kindergarten and 1st grade students sang with the 6-8 chorus (very cute--the stole the show!)  Then one of my students dressed up like Santa and surprised each child with a candy cane.  Talk about craziness--those kids went NUTS!  There was this collective gasp and squeal from every single child under the age of 8--it was sooooo cute!  I'll never forget those kids jumping up and down waving as hard as their little bodies would let them. 



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